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I’ll take Mondays

February 8, 2017
By Joyce Schenk , Westfield Republican

Those of the optimistic persuasion look at each day as an opportunity. Monday through Sunday seem to hold possibilities large and small.

Unlike our current generation, our parents took a different view of the days of the week. Instead, for homemakers especially, every day had a set list of tasks.

My Mom, for instance, followed the pattern established by generations of her female ancestors. She always observed washday on Monday. Tuesday was ironing day. Wednesday was set aside as cleaning day. And Thursday was shopping day.

But, in those long-ago days, I waited most expectantly for Friday, the family's baking day. That's the day when the kitchen was the heart of our home.

The whole family used Saturday as a day to catch up with whatever had been overlooked during the week.

And Sunday, of course, was church followed by the weekly family feast around our big dining table.

These days, I admit I have abandoned my Mom's rigid plan for the week. Instead, I try to accomplish what I can each day. But over time, I've come to think of Monday as my favorite piece of the week.

In case you find that preference for Monday a bit odd, think back on your own experiences.

You go out on Friday evening, ready to enjoy a memorable meal at your favorite restaurant. But, just as you take the final bite of that juicy steak, you feel a strange sensation in your mouth. The filling that has been living peacefully for years in that big molar in the back of your mouth is now on your dinner plate.

As the evening goes on, your jaw begins to throb. In desperation, you look up your dentist's office information. And you learn to your dismay, he is closed until MONDAY.

Or, in Saturday's mail, you receive an official-looking letter from the company that holds your mortgage. The words strike terror in your heart with phrases like "immediate action required," "significant errors have been discovered in your loan papers, and "it is vital you contact us as soon as you receive these papers."

Of course the mortgage company is closed until MONDAY.

Then there's the persistent cough that develops late Saturday night, the infected finger your daughter shows you on Sunday morning, and your only pair of reading glasses that self destruct during church on Sunday. All have to wait to be resolved until MONDAY.

I have experienced many such week-end situations that contain the seeds of disaster. Those episodes have convinced me that Monday can be looked at as the day to get our lives back on track.

Except, of course on the many holiday week-ends like Washington's Birthday, Martin Luther King Day and others that pop up during the year. Then Monday is pre-empted and life doesn't return to normal till Tuesday. In those cases, Tuesday gets promoted to my favorite day of the week.



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