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JCC awards 509 degrees and certificates

June 30, 2016
Westfield Republican

A total of 509 students were awarded degrees or certificates from Jamestown Community College's Jamestown and Cattaraugus County campuses in May 2016.

Highest honors represents a 4.0 grade point average, high honors a 3.50 to 3.99 GPA, and honors a 3.25 to 3.49 GPA.

Ashville: Amber Fisher (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant), Mikayla Fuller (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Kelsey Johnson (A.A.S. Individual Studies), Daniel Odell (A.A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Lindsey Stow (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Peter Williams (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Kennadee Woods (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Early Childhood Education-High Honors), Michael Yuchnitz (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science)

Bemus Point: Michael Billgren (A.A.S. Mechanical Technology), Ian Guarino (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Jared Hallberg (A.S. Engineering Science), Samantha Hallett (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Childhood Education-Honors), Nickara Liddell (A.S. Business-Business Administration-Highest Honors), Skyler Liddell (A.S. Physical Education Studies), Lucas Proctor (Certificate-Individual Studies-High Honors), Brenden Uhlig (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police)

Brocton: James Andin (A.S. Criminal Justice), Connor Dolce (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Jerry Jusko (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science), Elizabeth King (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Mary Ann Wiberg (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors)

Cassadaga: Nicholle Chase (A.A.S. Nursing-Honors), Christina McVaugh (Certificate-Digital Graphic Design & Publishing-High Honors), Nicholas Stern (A.S. Criminal Justice-Honors), Brandon Wise (A.S. Environmental Science-High Honors)

Mayville: Kelsie Breads (A.A.S. Nursing), Brent Buxton (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Brittany Clute (A.A.S. Nursing), Ian Clute (A.S. Business-Business Administration-High Honors), Pamela Herdeman (Certificate-Entrepreneurship), James Latimer (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Joseph Marsala (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Mathew Miele (A.S. Environmental Science-High Honors), Sydney Milliman (A.S. Individual Studies-Honors), Tracie Vollertsen (A.A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Zach Weatherlow (A.S. Individual Studies)

Panama: Taylor Kesby (A.S. Individual Studies-High Honors), Lindsey Stravato (A.S. Business-Business Administration), Paige Weise (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-Honors)

Portland: Karina Stanton (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors)

Ripley: Nicholas Hlifka (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-Highest Honors), Joseph Spacht (A.S. Criminal Justice)

Sherman: Alexis Oehlbeck (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-High Honors), Kelly Thornton (A.S. Human Services)

Westfield: Christopher Brooker (A.S. Criminal Justice-High Honors), Robert Burgess (A.S. Environmental Science), Jacob Gray (A.S. Physical Education Studies), Nathan Hanes (A.A.S. Information Technology-High Honors), Jennifer Laporte (A.A.S. Nursing-High Honors), Vincent Noble (A.A. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social Science-Honors), Marissa Okerlund (A.S. Liberal Arts & Sciences: Mathematics & Science-High Honors), Laurie Pembridge (A.A.S. Occupational Therapy Assistant-High Honors), Dylan Robinson (A.A.S. Criminal Justice-Police-Honors), Kodi Robinson (Certificate-Welding Technology).



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