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Letter to the Editor

June 28, 2014
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Dear Editor:

Please share my story so that another child does not get hurt like my son did this summer. On Tuesday June 17, 2014 I took two of my young sons to the beach around lunchtime for some fun, but unfortunately it turned into a traumatic experience.

Just as you walk onto the main part of Barcelona Beach there is a picnic table. We sat there so I had a place to set the boys' snacks. My 4-year-old son took his shoes off to run and put his feet in the water. On his way back to me to retrieve his bucket to play, I heard a horrifying scream. Parker had run into a fire pit where someone had apparently had a fire the night before. It appeared that it had been covered with a small amount of sand but was not properly extinguished. The fire pit was really not noticeable until his tiny feet brushed up the sand and you could see the smoking hot ashes.

Article Photos

Submitted photo
Pictured is 4-year-old Parker’s blistered foot after stepping on a hidden fire pit. He was quickly rushed to the ER after sustaining second-degree burns.

We rushed Parker to the ER where he had to receive two shots of morphine and an oral pain medication to stop his uncontrollable shaking and screaming. Unfortunately my son received a severe second degree burn to his right foot and several small burns to his other foot and right hand.

I would like to urge parents with small children to please be cautious of where their children are walking on the beach but most of all remind people who have fires on the beach to please do so responsibly. If you do have a fire on the beach please do it in a more secluded area that is not on the main path of the beach where children play and people bring their pets, and also please make sure your fire is properly and completely extinguished. Thank you.

Leah Cornell

Westfield resident



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