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ObamaCare not real reform

November 28, 2013
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Dear editor,

Does anybody actually think that the ACA (ObamaCare) is about REAL health care reform? It's about government control over that most precious of personal freedoms - our health, and an attempt to build a constituency that is dependent on the government and more easily manipulated in the interest of VOTES.

Why would any leader force something on Americans that they don't want, that will cost trillions more than we were told, that in most cases they can't afford, and that will ultimately result in less access to their doctors and hospitals? The ACA will also diminish the quality of our health care and result in essentially the same number of Americans being left without insurance. Small and large businesses will also be significantly and negatively impacted. Americans were also told falsehoods. And let's not forget the IRS having access to our personal, health and financial records.

This doesn't seem to me to be anything remotely connected to making our health care better, more affordable and in the best interests of the general public. Our current system certainly needs some 'tuning up' to include malpractice tort reform, portability, pre-existing conditions support and allowing people to buy insurance across state lines. But a complete redo of the best health care on the planet hardly seems appropriate, the spurious conclusions of the WHO notwithstanding.

America is in grave danger, especially as it relates to our health care. The ACA is 100 percent political and was only created to promote government control. This is not the America we grew up in and certainly not the America we want to leave for future generations. I yearn to return to the 'good ole days' of Westfield and Mayville. How about you?

Recall the old adage: "If you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always vote for you."

Terence Clark, M.D.

Clemson, SC

(formerly of Mayville)



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