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Just Outside My Door

October 24, 2013
Elaine Cole , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

I bring greetings to you all on a chilly 45 degree windy, partially sunny and rainy day. We haven't had a hard frost so our flowers are still blooming. Since we often get one before Oct. 18 we've had a great fall this year. Some of the leaves are still on the trees, but the rain will probably dislodge them this weekend. Bill has still been mowing our lawn also. Although I read books year round, as the weather changes and days shorten I find myself reading more.

Recently I began to read more and started on a new book entitled Hawks in Flight by Pete Dunne, David Sibley and Clay Sutton. I had learned a lot about birds from books and seeing them, but I never learned much about raptors. I don't like hawks in our yard, nevertheless, this new book is quite interesting. It even tells about some birds I have never seen. According to the book, hawks can be some of the most difficult birds to identify because they usually fly high above and at a distance. It includes two decades of raptor identification. It also places in the users' hands an identification skill set that would otherwise take years to learn.

Although I have always thought that all raptors were bad because they eat other smaller birds, I've found many other interesting facts about them and how to identify them. They really are quite fascinating in a verity of ways. Perhaps you would enjoy reading it. If you would like to purchase the book it is available through Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company, Boston New York 2012 or probably in any book store.

I haven't been just reading however, I've been watching the birds at our feeders too. There have not been as many out back because a lot of them have been feeding on seeds or fruit on some of our shrubs, such as flowering Sergeant Crab Apple trees, Holly and more. I'm sure that as soon as the weather gets colder they will begin to flock to the feeders, especially when the snow arrives and covers the shrubs and trees.

Meanwhile, the woodpeckers, titmice and white breasted nuthatch still dine on the suit and chickadees are beginning to join the others. So far I haven't seen any signs of raccoons or bear. When they start coming we have to move the garbage can of seed to the garage because they can get it open. It's amazing how those two critters are so much like humans when it comes to finding and opening food sources. Nevertheless, whatever the season, there's always some unwanted animal that visits our yard and if there's any food available, they devour it. Sometimes it's entertaining to watch them, but often it is irritating, especially if they make a mess or fight one another just outside our bedroom window. However, that is all a part of living in the country.


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