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Just Outside My Door

July 18, 2013
Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Thankfully our rain ceased today, July 12th , after several rainy days. It?s sunny and not humid like it has been. I?m sure it will dry out some because weather forecasters say we won?t have more rain for the next five days. Hopefully they are right for currently our yard is still quite wet. Nevertheless, wetness doesn?t bother the birds in and around our backyard friends..

I'm sure I have mentioned before that I like to have my early morning devotions on the back porch when it's warm there. I enjoy the new day even though the sun doesn't rise up over our locust haven real early because the tree leaves conceal most all of it. The cardinals are usually the first visitors to the feeders. Recently one of their fledglings joined them. Sometimes I see the young robins and soon the fledgling woodpeckers will arrive. Other species, especially the many gold finches, will join to feast on sunflowers or suet. The latter bring lots of yellow "sunshine." I probably won?t see the oriels, flickers or eastern towhee until I go inside because their meal is too close to where I'm sitting on the porch. I don't often catch site of the cat bird either, but I often hear it crying beyond the fence. They no doubt build their nest closer to the creek in the valley for they like to be near water.

As I watch the many birds flitting back and forth from the trees to the feeders I'm reminded what a privilege it is that I can see the birds, flowers and other beautiful outdoor handiwork that God has created so close at hand. I wonder about folk that live in cities. However, I once read an article by Roger Tory Peterson that stated, "There are birds to be seen even in New York City." It was entitled, "Birds Among the Skyscrapers."

Article Photos

Elaine Cole

Central Park has been know to have as many as 79 species of birds in one day. The can be heard especially at dawn in springtime when they fly over the tops of buildings. Peterson said he saw them once. He stated that he found it "jammed with birds from the Ramble to 59th Street and all the way to the park's end. They were stopped at 100th Street by a wall of buildings," he said. Apparently some observers said they saw a dozen scarlet tanagers in one tree and four rose-beak in another.

Birds also turn up all over Manhattan Island in strange places. It seems that a blue heron flew down 5th Avenue and a red tailed hawk lived near the Metropolitan Museum for several moths. Peterson spoke of many other times when birds have been in the heart of the city and other places where some birds live regularly in the heart of the city.

Apparently one can have the opportunity to see birds even there urbanization has turned the green world into a place of cement and stone. However, I'm happy to observe many things in nature including birds and all the other wonderful things in nature I see around our country home near Sherman.


July 18: Melissa Gibbons, Kaleb McCalla, Nathan Miller, Andrew Stroth

July 19: Alex Brown, Amy Norton, Brandon Stoddard

July 20: Dana Boland, Hank Cady

July 21: Jim Volkenburg

July 22: Brian Endress, Courtney Gleason, Sabrina Christmas, Doug Hay, Daren Crane, Stephanie Price

July 23: Jared Oehlbeek, Louise Waite

July 24: Michaell Bennett, Jim Cady Jr., Julie Morton, Kim Oehlbeck, Dailyn Zemeik

July 25: Frank Lee Barney, Heather Croscut, Treasure Clara Miller, Treasure Clara Cotton, Gregory Jackson


July 18: Randy & Audrey Sweatman

July 19: Cory & Cory & Michelle Emory, Patrick & Patrick & Natalie Swanson

July 21: Mike & Melissa Putney, Al & Gerry Robson

July 22: Fred & Shelley Croscut, Jeff & Jody Mack

July 24: Rich & Phyllis Morton



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