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Moseyin’ Along turns silver

Moseyin’ Along

July 3, 2013
By Joyce Schenk - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

In some respects, the year 1989 was just another collection of 365 days in the life of the world. Nothing especially earth-shaking took place, even though there were some historic highlights along the way.

In January, George Bush was sworn in as the nation's 41st president. In April, we all watched on the television as Beijing students took over Tiananmen Square in China.

May was marked by the election of Mikhail Gorbachev as Executive President of the Soviet Union. In June, Ronald Reagan was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

August brought Pete Rose's lifetime suspension from baseball for gambling. And in November, Germany finally began demolishing the Berlin Wall.

On the personal front, in June 1989, I made a commitment I expected would continue for a few months, perhaps a year or two. I accepted my editor's invitation to write a weekly personal experience column for the newspapers in the Westfield Republican family.

After a long search for the right title, I finally decided the column would be called "Moseyin' Along." That's the speed of life in our little corner of the world. As I like to describe it, "it's fast enough to keep the dust from settling, but slow enough to smell the roses."

This month, much to my amazement, that little weekly stroll in the slow lane of life is entering its 25th year.

During the more than two decades since this weekly walk began, the world - as well as all our individual lives - have undergone changes ranging from the woeful to the wonderful, from the sorrowful to the surprising.

Together you and I looked for the "new normal" after the horror of 9-11. We considered such failures in society as rampant greed and dishonesty. And you helped me more than you'll ever know when you listened as I recounted how Hurricane Charley left our family suddenly unemployed and homeless.

We also looked into the light side of life with a trip to the hardware store, a discussion of the uselessness of pencils without erasers and a tour of the family junk drawer.

I reported to you on the adventure of double knee replacement, my trials and errors as a volunteer firefighter and the joyous experience of becoming a grandmother, not once, but twice.

Sometimes the idea-mill, located in the dusty recesses between my left ear and my right ear, seemed hopelessly empty. But somehow a small spark would glow in the corner and, with coaxing, become a full-fledged column.

In fact, this week's entry into the Moseyin' Along files is actually number 1,087.

Along the way, a few have been recycled - it's been said there are no new ideas under the sun. But, for the most part, each week is a new slant on some topic that has stumbled out of my mind, down my arm and into the computer.

In honor of our weekly walk entering its 25th year, I would like nothing more than to learn what your favorite column - or columns - have been along the way. I realize no one writes letters these days, but how about dropping me a short e-mail at and telling me about a past mosey that you especially enjoyed?

I'll chose one of the responses and send that reader an autographed set of my Moseyin' Along books - "I've Become My Mother and Other Observations" and "I'm Worrying as Fast as I Can."

And I'll re-run whichever column gets the most recognition as a "golden oldie" so we can all revisit it.

In the meantime, as back in 1989, I'll continue joining you each week right here on the Moseyin' Along trail. I'm sure there are some corners of my mind I have yet to check out. I can't wait to see what's hiding there.



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