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Just Outside My Door 05/02/13

May 8, 2013
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

As I finished hanging up the wash outside recently, I heard the soft voices of the trees and the gurgling creek. It seemed they were both calling me to the woodland, the valley and the creek behind our house. May had arrived bringing the new season with it. I was sure that there would be violets and May flowers on the creek bank and beyond. Birds would be flitting to and frow as they finished their nests, and I might even see a deer quenching its thirst.

It was warm in the valley and I made my way up the bank to look for the flowers and was not disappointed. I ventured a way further to the hill where the trillions were also in bloom. The aroma in the area was another spring sign. Returning to the creek with my hands full of flowers, I put them in the water and sat on the huge rock in the creek bed enjoying the beauty all around. It was one of my favorite places to read in the quietude, save the birdsong and voice of the water

When spring comes, I think it's my favorite time of year, but then I remember I think the same thing as every season arrives. Each one has its own beauty, and I'm thankful for the various type of weather and loveliness they all have.

Spring is a time for bypaths and side roads just as is autumn. It's great to turn aside from the paved roads and thoroughfares and travel gravel roads and country lanes. There are so many beautiful things to see. The new lambs and calves, along with cows and horses, in pastures, the smell of the fresh plowed earth and the dew covered tips of grass, glistening under the morning sun, making them look like jewels. The colorful hues of the land and flowers have burst from bud to bloom, bringing beauty and song where every I look. May is full of the rhythm of spring's flowing ways.

I always seem to walk quietly or drive slowly amidst the springtime beauty on country roads. There's bird song and the rustling of rabbits or fox scurrying away when they hear the tread of my feet. All of these things draw me away from the work and activities of a busy day. It is a time when I relax and saver all the wonderful memories I have made with children and family down by the creek. It's been a place for picnics, watching the youngsters play and reading over the years. What a privilege it has been to have such a delightful place to go. It's almost like taking a trip to a far away desert island, and it's filled with bygone memories. Best of all, it is almost like a sanctuary where I can praise and thank God for His beautiful creation just outside my door.



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