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Just Outside My Door 04/18/13

April 24, 2013
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

It's wonderful to hear the peepers serenading us, and Mr. Bluebird has found a mate.

The couple is busy defending their little home from intruders. So far they have been successful, and we're hoping they will not be hindered this year. So far they've warded off starlings and a sparrow. Several other songsters are mating and searching for a home site in our yard. So now we know spring has arrived.

Recent days have brought us April rains, and, in some areas, new ponds have popped up in yards, meadows and pastures. Although some folk don't like so much rain, it's nice to see how it greened up the grass, especially after we had the thunder and lightning one night. Then today the cold north wind left us, and the warmer south wind arrived, at least for today.

Yes, spring is all around us, and it's not controlled by man anymore than he has a part in a sunrise, a sunset or the phases of the moon. Nor can man stop or start the rainfall, snow or catastrophic weather. It's a good thing because man has enough trouble trying to handle the affairs of the world. Although it's good to keep up on current events, I get tired of hearing all the abominable and disconcerting things the media presents every day. Most days there are far more of the aforesaid things presented than uplifting news. That's why I am so thankful man cannot control the things God created in our outdoor world, and I really enjoy spending time out there.

Spring is a matter of growth, of chlorophyll, of bud and blossom. Although we can change the time of blossoming in various plants, the forests and grass still grow having not changed for centuries.

I'm enjoying every day, rain or shine, and anticipate getting outside to see what's new each day. One of my favorite things this time of year is the apple blossoms. Hopefully we won't have a frost like we did last year when there were few blossoms, but there are many other things to see this time of year, which often seem unsubstantial, but brings joy to me in springtime such as soft April rain on my cheek, a new fragrance, a vision of blue wings, a robin's melody, a new born colt, the site of baby birds safe in their nest covered by their mothers body and much more.



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