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Just Outside My Door 10/18/12

October 24, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - COLUMNIST ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Many folk awoke recently to discover Jack Frost had paid them a visit. Yards and fields were covered with hoarfrost. However, he had skipped over most of our yard, so few of our summer flowers had been effected.

Nevertheless, if the weather reports are right, Jack will probably visit us again soon. Meanwhile, the recent rain and wind has dislodged some of those leaves. As I write today, the yard is filled with them as they flutter to the ground. Soon they will all be on the ground, but I still enjoy looking at them for they look like spun gold.

Every year when autumn arrives, I am reminded it's not just the seasons of nature that changes, human beings have seasons in life too. I suppose I'm reminded of that fact because I just celebrated another birthday. Thus I'm a year older today than I was two week's ago, but I don't feel any different. God created me, just as he did everyone, to have seasons in life.

The first season in life is like spring. One is born and starts life as a baby and then experiences childhood. During the early years, they are for the most part dependent on their parents or other adults. It has been said a child learns approximately two-thirds of all they will ever learn by the age of 5. Apparently even their young minds are storing a lot of information in their memory banks. Just as seeds are planted and cared for until they mature, babies also need to be cared for and nourished all through their childhood. Those are busy days for their caregivers, and it's essential they give them care, unconditional love, guidance and discipline. Those days in our lives were a wonderful time despite a few problems.

Adults face the season of summer in their lives as they experience adulthood. It's a time of more learning and making decisions for life. Often they are much busier than they ever were before, especially if they have children. Being parents is perhaps the most difficult task one ever has. Usually children are involved in many activities besides school. Sometimes it seems there's seldom time for ones self, but it will probably be the most productive season of life.

After summer comes fall, which is a beautiful time, and yet often it brings somewhat difficult as youth leave home for college, marriage or a variety of other reasons. Soon the parent's will have an empty "nest." In reality, that too is beautiful even though they may be far away. It's good in a way because dad and mom will have fewer demands in the home and more time to spend together and perhaps undertake new things. It often makes them grandparents, and I can attest that brings great pleasure to many of them. Seeing grandchildren grow and begin to mature give me great joy. Furthermore, I don't have the responsibility to rear them. That job is for their parents. Our task is to love them, be a good example to them and just enjoy having them near.

Winter follows fall, and that's the season in life when one is older. It too can be beautiful even as the snow creates beauty in our outdoor world. As grandchildren grow up and marry, we get more babies and little ones. It's a joy to see them as they grow. Since some of our grandkids have graduated from high school, we are thankful we still have seven great-grandchildren playing sports and participating in many other activities. Thus we still attend a lot of those and it keeps us "young" even if we don't look so young. Probably we will be in Heaven before they all get grown up, but that's okay, we'll just keep praying we'll see all of our family join us there some day.

Yes, life is composed with seasons and I hope you all are enjoying every day to the fullest. I thank my God for them, even the difficult ones for that's when I grow nearest to Him.



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