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Doctor’s office poor treatment

February 29, 2012
Cathy Marie DeLeon Vacanti , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

To whom this may concern.

I have been a resident of Westfield NY my whole life. I have always worked supported myself and my family. I cannot believe that this happened to us. After several attempts to collect $40 from me, now mind you I have been going to Westfield Family Physicians for over 20 plus years. I received a notice in the mail from them. I did call and offer to come in a pay it right then and there and was told it didnt matter we have to find another provider.

It states: You have been sent a reminder in the past concerning payment of this bill. At this point it is being sent to a collection agency. I am sorry but because this has happened we find it necessary to discharge you and you and your family from the practice.

I'm outraged that this stuff goes on in this little Town of Westfield. Really $40. I get that I should of paid it. But like my family and most of us out there that money doesn't comes easy and you put other things first when you have a family and kids, married, single, divorced doesn't matter. We all have bills and we are late on them I get that, but to been kicked out of your doctor's office for a little bit of money is so wrong. And they are supposed to be a Christian facility and they go to other countries and help the less fortunate but cant help their own. That's a problem and it hurts to know that I am not the only person that this has happen to. I posted this on Facebook and couldn't believe my eyes on how many other families this has happen to in this community. (For less that what we owe)

Also, I know for a fact that there are alot of people out there who owe more than we do and they haven't been kicked out of that family practice. I work in a nursing home taking care of people fulltime and alot of them come there without things they need and I have personal bought what they have asked for I would never ever treat them wrong or tell them no. I guess I was raised very well in a Christian family by parents to treat everyone equal and help those who need it. (I'll get my reward in Heaven)

Im not looking for a handout or sympathy just that fact that this would happen to us and many other families out here ... unbelievable.


Cathy Marie DeLeon Vacanti




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