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Ripley & Westfield Schools Opt Out Of 15-Year NY State Tax Exemption For Wind Facilities

July 24, 2008
New York State Real Property Law Section 487 grants a 15-year tax exemption for property improvements associated with wind farms and wind energy systems. The law allows municipalities and school districts to disallow the exemption on a local level, thereby collecting full assessment on improvements to land immediately.

Both the Westfield Academy and Central School and Ripley Central School Boards of Education have passed resolutions to opt out of the exemption for assessed property located within the district’s boundaries.

The resolutions state that the exemption from real property taxation granted by Real Property Tax Law 487 will not be applicable to any solar or wind energy system or farm waste energy system located within the jurisdiction of the school districts.

Peter Gross of Babcock & Brown has stated at public meetings that the wind developer, with pending applications for Special Use Permits in both the Town of Westfield and Town of Ripley, intends to work with the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) to draft a Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) agreement with the county.

In opting out of the tax exemption, the districts are in a stronger position to negotiate a PILOT agreement. Westfield School Board President Zanghi noted that the district hopes to be “an active participant in that process”.

A secondary benefit for the districts comes in the form of the state aid formula for operating aid. Revenues received by the districts pursuant to a negotiated PILOT agreement are not factored into the state’s formula for calculating a district’s operating aid.


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