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Being thankful for the season

December 14, 2011 Editor, I wanted to take the time to recognize a most wonderful lady that I met while standing in line at Subway in Fredonia Walmart. more »»

Which America fits you the best?

December 14, 2011 If you had a choice to live in the America that you wanted, which one would you select: AMERICA 1 In this America you would have the following situation: 1. more »»

Holly Tour a success once again

December 7, 2011 Dear Editor, The 26th Holly Tour brought many visitors to Westfield on Sunday (Nov. 20). more »»

New law already misfires

December 7, 2011 Editor, So, we have the first hunting accident using a rifle as a bullet hits a school bus. more »»

October Cold Lament

December 7, 2011 By Tom Baideme Oct. more »»

Penn State scandal brings poem to mind

November 30, 2011 Dear Editor, It is said that art sometimes imitates life. This can be said for poetry too. The current sex abuse scandal at Penn State and people involved remind me of the poet . more »»

Situation at Penn State University is a disgrace

November 30, 2011 To the Readers’ Forum: The recent issues at Penn State represent a failure of adherence to the core values espoused by all our institutions of higher learning and our societal norms in... more »»

First responders make a difference

November 30, 2011 To the Editor, I want to thank all the first responders who came out in the nasty weather after the tornado hit our neighborhood. more »»

Emergency system failed motorists

November 30, 2011 Editor, Usually I am home due to a spinal injury where I could have heard the weather warning on television. But Monday, I was on the go all da. more »»

Marking anniversary of railroad link

November 30, 2011 Dear Editor, This year marks the 180th anniversary of the beginning of the first railroad that linked Erie, Pa., via Westfield to Buffal. more »»

New county legislator thanks voters

November 23, 2011 As your new Chautauqua County District 22 Legislator, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who voted in this year’s election. more »»

Political power of wealthy eroding Constitution and middle, working classes

November 16, 2011 Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican, Productivity measures human progress. It permits us to multiply our abilities. more »»

Friends of Our Troops thanks 4-H

November 16, 2011 Dear Editor, In preparing for the upcoming Christmas and Valentine mail collections, Friends of Our Troops would like to extend special thanks to the Stockton Panthers 4-H Club in... more »»

Do not forget your own

November 16, 2011 Dear Mom and Dad, The war is done, my task is through. Mom, there’s something I must ask of you. more »»

Economy lacks modernization

November 9, 2011 Letter to the editor of The Westfield Republican, Simple increases in productivity merely allow work to be produced by fewer workers. more »»

Local Tea Party shares its positions

November 9, 2011 T-E-A stands for Taxed Enough Already. Certainly this is the case in both New York State and our county. more »»

Harvest Ode

November 9, 2011 By Tom Baideme September 2010 I can’t believe the weather change From sweating in the 80s In need of tees and shorts To... more »»

Seasoned Change

November 2, 2011 By Tom Baideme September 2010 When summer days are on the wane Temperature starts to feel like fall Then it’s time to start to thinkmore »»

September Ode

November 2, 2011 By Tom Baideme 2010 Sitting on the storefront step What a change from weeks before From the heat and shorts and tees Now in... more »»

Is it win-win or kill-kill?

October 26, 2011 The Post Journal’s Sept. 16 story on “Wind turbines coming to local stretch of the Thruway” was a shocker to many folks in Chautauqua County and Western New York. more »»



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