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How to deal with anyone over 60

May 29, 2013 It’s obvious to me and many others that Obamacare thinks that we old useless people use up too many dollars and too much of the country’s medical resources. more »»

School mergers: Financial benefits

May 22, 2013 New York State wants schools to merge so badly it dangles huge pots of money in front of schools to actually merge. more »»

Mothers’ Day Muse

May 22, 2013 Here’s a poem for mothers, dear Those alive and those we’ve lost Those anew with babes in arms And expectant women still on hold Remember those we’ve lost to age And to those just turning another... more »»

School mergers: The do nothing option

May 15, 2013 If schools do not do something to gain efficiencies or increase funding, such as merge, tuition, or regional high school, the future is grim. Schools are spending their savings like crazy. more »»

School mergers: The expense side

May 8, 2013 Education is a labor intensive process. Although ads may show people learning a new language by simply listening/watching some software package, it is never that simpl. more »»

A message to the Westfield Class of 2013

May 8, 2013 The Westfield Academy and Central School Class of 2013 is a very special one to me. On the last day of my career in 2007, I never really said, “good-bye,” to you; departures are always hard for me. more »»

School mergers: A recent history of New York State school funding

May 1, 2013 School districts all over New York State are going financially bankrupt. How did this happen? This talks about the funding sid. more »»

School mergers: The merger process

April 24, 2013 New York State says it is all for school mergers. As one who has been in private industry for 25 plus years, the process mystifies me. more »»

April 9 was Equal Pay Day

April 17, 2013 April 9 marked Equal Pay Day, the date when women’s earnings “catch up” to men’s from the previous year. more »»

The Fired Few

April 10, 2013 Pentecost is almost here That apostolic time of year Remember acts of Saints long past And their sight of the risen Lord at last Who breathed upon all those inside Gathered now no need to hide A... more »»

Judas’ Tale, part two

April 3, 2013 I go and find the sees at hand And tell them I know the whereabouts Of Jesus and his band of men And for a fee I’ll tell you where How does 30 pieces sound? Good enough to loose your tongue And tel... more »»

Proud of the Ripley Eagles

March 27, 2013 The Ripley Eagles’ basketball season ended Feb. 15, 2013, with a glorious win for not only the Eagles but the spectators as well. more »»

Judas’ Tale, part one

March 27, 2013 Why was I drawn to this rabbi here? What made me up and follow him? For me to leave my life behind And follow this new path of his I wasn’t one of the first of this band called They may have not... more »»

Feds cite for-profit nursing homes for poor care and overcharges, not public nursing homes

March 20, 2013 “Medicare paid $5.1 billion for poor skilled nursing care.” That’s how newspaper headlines read all over the country when the Inspector General of the U.S. more »»

The Matron’s Tale

March 20, 2013 Who am I that I should try To chase this rabbi for a cure He’ll know at once I’m not a Jew Just a cur amongst his flock I’ll only need to touch his robe He may not even know what I’ve done But I ca... more »»

The Guard’s Tale

March 13, 2013 How can I let it come to this? To lose my daughter here so young For her no one seems to know what ails Are slowly bringing her demise I know what I have to do And if I can must do it soon For if I... more »»

Coach should be thanked for decades of service

March 6, 2013 Dear Editor, Thursday night (Feb. 14) after the Lady Wolverines basketball team’s loss to Forestville, more than just a season came to an end. more »»

The Stonee, part two

March 6, 2013 Now dismissing the crowd so they can rest And have a place alone where they can eat Maybe I’ll go and help to serve And listen to what he has to say Before the supper starts I take a jar Of fragran... more »»

The Stonee, part one

February 27, 2013 Why am I the only one Being led amongst the stones It seems he’s just as guilty as me It takes two to commit adultery How was I to know he’s wed And why was he so willing a man To seek out somethin... more »»

Brain overload, or just a doorway

February 13, 2013 Dear Editor, Recently, Joyce Schenk wrote in her column about “Big questions change through the years” (Thursday, Jan. more »»



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