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Judas’ Tale, part two

April 3, 2013 I go and find the sees at hand And tell them I know the whereabouts Of Jesus and his band of men And for a fee I’ll tell you where How does 30 pieces sound? Good enough to loose your tongue And tel... more »»

Proud of the Ripley Eagles

March 27, 2013 The Ripley Eagles’ basketball season ended Feb. 15, 2013, with a glorious win for not only the Eagles but the spectators as well. more »»

Judas’ Tale, part one

March 27, 2013 Why was I drawn to this rabbi here? What made me up and follow him? For me to leave my life behind And follow this new path of his I wasn’t one of the first of this band called They may have not... more »»

Feds cite for-profit nursing homes for poor care and overcharges, not public nursing homes

March 20, 2013 “Medicare paid $5.1 billion for poor skilled nursing care.” That’s how newspaper headlines read all over the country when the Inspector General of the U.S. more »»

The Matron’s Tale

March 20, 2013 Who am I that I should try To chase this rabbi for a cure He’ll know at once I’m not a Jew Just a cur amongst his flock I’ll only need to touch his robe He may not even know what I’ve done But I ca... more »»

The Guard’s Tale

March 13, 2013 How can I let it come to this? To lose my daughter here so young For her no one seems to know what ails Are slowly bringing her demise I know what I have to do And if I can must do it soon For if I... more »»

Coach should be thanked for decades of service

March 6, 2013 Dear Editor, Thursday night (Feb. 14) after the Lady Wolverines basketball team’s loss to Forestville, more than just a season came to an end. more »»

The Stonee, part two

March 6, 2013 Now dismissing the crowd so they can rest And have a place alone where they can eat Maybe I’ll go and help to serve And listen to what he has to say Before the supper starts I take a jar Of fragran... more »»

The Stonee, part one

February 27, 2013 Why am I the only one Being led amongst the stones It seems he’s just as guilty as me It takes two to commit adultery How was I to know he’s wed And why was he so willing a man To seek out somethin... more »»

Brain overload, or just a doorway

February 13, 2013 Dear Editor, Recently, Joyce Schenk wrote in her column about “Big questions change through the years” (Thursday, Jan. more »»

Selling of tobacco products a shame

February 13, 2013 Shame on discount retail stores in our area that focus on dollars over families and sell tobacco products when countless other companies are stopping those sales. more »»

Merger progress is appreciated

February 13, 2013 Dear Editor: As a former two-term president of the Westfield Board of Education I am more than pleased to see the progress being made in the possible merger of the Brocton and Westfield districts. more »»

January Memories Lament

February 13, 2013 Memories flood my mind again Thinking of the ones we’ve lost During many Januaries long past Friend and relatives and friends of sons Lost of late was cousin Steve Finally succumbed to broken heart... more »»

Congress must act to resolve differences

February 6, 2013 Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican Our Congress is deadlocked by many fixed ideas which are viewed as being absolute facts when they are actually complexities which require wisdom to... more »»

Toys In The Sand

February 6, 2013 Sand castles and cars, the dreams of a little boy Smiles and laughter, playing with his favorite toys An old wagon wheel, for a sandbox, the clock tick-tocks Fleeting moments in time, they are yours... more »»

Recent tragedies overwhelming

January 23, 2013 Dear Editor, So many tragedies have overwhelmed us this holiday season. It’s difficult to understand the reasons why. Westfield has lost a very special perso. more »»

Update on Cottage Street fire

January 23, 2013 Editor’s Note: The following information is an update to last week’s article on the Jan. 5 fire in Westfiel. more »»

Ode to Ray

January 16, 2013 Well the village lost another Favorite son from an accident Returning home from returning Amish A flurry of white and ice brings loss again The fire chief for many years The driving force behind th... more »»

Westfield Mayor expresses thanks to responders, community

January 16, 2013 On Jan. 5, the village experienced a very serious fire on Cottage Street. The initial call was received at 6:45 a.m. more »»

Congress has developed bad habits

December 26, 2012 Dear Editor: Our Constitution empowers only Congress to lay and collect taxes, duties, excises and imposts, and to borrow money for the common defense and general welfare of the United States. more »»



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