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Communicating in other languages

February 4, 2016 For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by languages. Even as a kid, the cadence and rhythm of another tongue drew my attention. more »»

Searching for the bark that named ‘The Bark’

January 28, 2016 “The Bark Grill” was the subject line that appeared in a Westfield Historian email, sent by “Marty” on December 14, 2015. “Ms. more »»

A hiding place for family junk

January 28, 2016 Every family has one. It’s the last resting place of all the mini junk that filters through our lives. And, it’s aptly called “the Family Junk Drawer.” No one ever plans for a junk drawer. more »»

A look at the Peacock connection to 32 McClurg Street

January 21, 2016 As described in Part 5A, we have eliminated all of the children of Charles E Peacock (186 E. Main St. Peacock Home) from being the Peacock residents at 32 McClurg St. more »»

Home wasn’t ‘Ruined By Blast’ in ’38

January 21, 2016 “Peacock-Pitts Home Ruined By Blast - House Moved Several Inches Off Foundation. more »»

Modern makeup’s magic

January 21, 2016 Last week, I made a major investment. No, I didn’t buy a new car or pay up-front for a Carnival Cruise. Instead, I finally took the plunge and bought a new lipstick and powde. more »»

Famous village residence not always home to Peacocks

January 14, 2016 After reading the Buzzings from BeeLines in November 2015, which included a “Sneak Preview about the Peacock Homes,” a message from a faithful reader read, in part, “As you look around Westfield for... more »»

Lots to ponder, few answers

January 14, 2016 In my early know-it-all years, I thought I had things figured out. With a bit of research and study, I could usually come up with answers to the questions life brought my wa. more »»

Curing ‘bulging billfold syndrome’

January 8, 2016 I’ve noticed lately that my purse has been gaining weigh. more »»

Part IV of the Peacock series: The Charles E. Peacock House

December 31, 2015 Before launching into the next generation of Peacock Homes, some corrections are in order regarding dates, thanks to the “eagle eyes” of John Paul Wolfe. more »»

2016: Some assembly required

December 31, 2015 During the recent holiday shopping season, I noticed more items than ever with labels warning, “some assembly require. more »»

Westfield’s Peacock homes, Part III: The Thomas Peacock House

December 24, 2015 Surprises are always a delight for your Westfield Historian; especially when they answer some questions and give rise to yet another “history mystery. more »»

Snowy weather not needed to make Christmas come alive

December 24, 2015 Lately, all across the eastern half of the country there have been grumbles and groans of “It just doesn’t FEEL like Christmas. more »»

A look at the Margaret Peacock Residence

December 17, 2015 “Why do you have a copy of the drawing of the Margaret Peacock Residence from the 1881 Chautauqua County atlas hanging in your showroom?” This was my surprised question while on a grape vineyard tou... more »»

Surrounded by angels once again

December 17, 2015 In recent weeks, there has been a definite increase in the incidents of angels. It seems flights of the heavenly beings have quietly settled on the top of almost every Christmas tree aroun. more »»

Looking back on the excavation of an Iroquois camp in Westfield

December 10, 2015 While researching about the Wright and Peacock historic homes of Westfield, and their owners and family histories, references were made to an archeological excavation of Indian artifacts on the Sout... more »»

Like mother, like daughter

December 10, 2015 Since you and I have known each other for quite a while now, I think I can share something with you that I have told only a few people during my lifetime. more »»

An introduction to Peacock family homes in Westfield

December 3, 2015 Recently, a historic photo postcard of the former Peacock Inn in Mayville was posted on one of the Facebook pages devoted to historic images around Chautauqua County and Westfield, along with many... more »»

It’s catalog shopping time again

December 3, 2015 As the activities of the holiday shopping season pick up, my mailbox is once again stuffed with catalogs. more »»

Documenting history of S. Portage St.’s Harriet Campbell Taylor House

November 26, 2015 The wonderfully exciting WWO Holly Tour having just been experienced, it was a surprise to see what appears to be a typo of the date given of 1802 for the earliest building of the Harriet Campbell... more »»



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