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Another historic Wright house

November 12, 2015 There are some fascinating stories and mysteries about another historic Wright house at 309 E. Main St. more »»

Wacky warnings, silly studies

November 12, 2015 In recent years, the term “lawsuit” has become a driving force in the business world. more »»

Profile of Reuben Gridley Wright House continues series on historic Westfield homes

November 5, 2015 A very large sign in the yard at 233 East Main Street, Westfield, heralds an even larger auction to be held this coming Saturday, Nov. 7, 201. more »»

A look at Westfield native LaChiusa’s Off-Broadway show

November 5, 2015 NEW YORK — Chautauqua County has produced more than its share of people who have come to the top of their fields, in the arts. more »»

Celebrating clutter conquests

November 5, 2015 Years ago, when computers were just coming on the scene, the electronics industry excitedly predicted we would soon do away with the endless stacks of paper necessary to do business in our society. more »»

Westfield’s historic homes include Grace Bedell’s residence

October 29, 2015 “Is the Grace Bedell House still standing in Westfield?” Questions such as this are one of the delightful aspects of being Westfield Historia. more »»

Revisiting a Halloween classic

October 29, 2015 Dear readers, this timely tribute to Halloween was published 26 years ago, the first year Moseyin’ Along appeared. Take a trip back to childhood with me. more »»

Plan A gives way to Plan B

October 22, 2015 When I was in 11th grade, I decided I wanted to go into some area of the medical field. more »»

Carved in stone, laughable lines linger

October 15, 2015 These days, genealogy…. studying one’s ancestral story…has become a fascinating hobby for many folks, a full-time search for others. more »»

Blame it all on Mercury

October 8, 2015 I thought I had a relatively extensive education until last week. That’s when, for the first time, I heard of a fascinating bit of pseudo-science called Mercury retrograde. more »»

Treasure the ordinary things

October 1, 2015 Not long ago, I read a magazine article that struck a chord with me. The author stressed the importance of the ordinary stuff of life. more »»

Grapes and an unusual grape container

September 24, 2015 Ahhh!!! The smell of Concord Grapes is in the air! Driving anywhere around the area is becoming “interesting” as all manner of grape equipment can be found any time of day or night, rumbling down th... more »»

Browsing through fall’s trends

September 24, 2015 I’ve been interested in many things during my lifetime, but I’ve never taken much interest in the world of fashion. more »»

Searching for an idea

September 17, 2015 Here I am again, sitting in front of a blank computer screen with a mind that is equally blank. And I can feel the familiar nudge of deadline fear creeping up behind me like a hungry jungle cat. more »»

Changes at the golden arches

September 10, 2015 Our family of three joined the snowbird flock in 1993, traveling the east coast from New York to Florida, then back again. All along the way, we kept watch for the familiar sight of the golden arches. more »»

Stories about Westfield’s schools in the pioneer years

September 10, 2015 While searching through some history files at Patterson Library, trying to solve a totally unrelated “history mystery” about some old paintings, a couple of fascinating articles were discovered abou... more »»

Myths and legends: How did Barcelona get its name?

September 3, 2015 As soon as they learn about my position as Westfield historian, new neighbors and friends at Edgewater start asking all sorts of interesting questions. more »»

Messages from the passing lane

September 3, 2015 For ten years, our family of three was part of the annual snowbird migration on the nation’s highways. The trip from Mayville to Punta Gorda, Fla., was a long 1,200 + miles. more »»

No wonder crime doesn't pay

August 27, 2015 As an avid newspaper reader, I’ve seen enough crime reports in the news to conclude that those who choose a life of crime can usually be classified as intellectually challenge. more »»



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