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I’m listening as fast as I can

March 20, 2014 On a recent segment of the Today Show, an expert was reporting his findings on the controversial subject of global warming. The gentleman was knowledgeable and articulate. more »»

How times... and costs have changed

March 13, 2014 In the summer of my 16th year, I was the busiest babysitter in my neighborhood. more »»

Trying to save the unsavable

March 6, 2014 On Sunday, March 9, we’ll all have the chance to take part in the national nonsense of turning our clocks forward to initiate Daylight Saving Time. more »»

Comfort by the mouthful

February 27, 2014 Two of my favorite words are “comfort” and “food.” It’s no surprise, therefore, that I’ve found the combination of the two make a fitting topic of conversation when I get together with friends. more »»

Medal-worthy performances on a local scale

February 20, 2014 The Olympic games have dominated the news lately with countless millions around the globe tuning in to see the best athletes in the world “go for the gold. more »»

Lessons learned and things remembered

February 13, 2014 Recently, while clearing out some old files, I came across a priceless dog-eared folder. It held a treasure-trove of clippings, notes and observances gathered over many year. more »»

Just Outside My Door

February 13, 2014 I bring greetings to you all on a beautiful, sunny,10-degree Friday afternoon, February 7, 2014. It’s been in the single digits or below zero all week. more »»

Keep an eye on your Plimsoll Line

February 6, 2014 In today’s world, life can be a constant balancing act, especially for women. Magazines, movies, books and newspapers all add to the hype that women should be able to do it al. more »»

The lure of collecting

January 30, 2014 I have a lifelong love of collecting. I recall the day I realized I was hooked on collecting. My room…..designated Collection Central by the family….was especially dishevele. more »»

Rating today’s TV offerings

January 23, 2014 I realize I’m admitting my age when I say I recall those long-ago days when there was no television. more »»

Just Outside My Door

January 23, 2014 It is 10 degrees on this snowy Saturday morning Jan. 18. As I sit here at my computer I see the snowflakes continue falling down just outside my windows. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman

January 23, 2014 As of Jan. 18, the Sherman Wildcats varsity boys basketball team has not had one league loss. We congratulate them once again and also their coaches who spend a lot of time working with them. more »»

The driving scene, then and now

January 16, 2014 A friend told me last week that her grandson had just turned 16 and was now the proud owner of that coming-of-age document, the learner’s permit. more »»

Just Outside My Door

January 16, 2014 We had a January thaw last weekend, but winter returned this week bringing us wind and colder temperatures. That’s typical for us this time of yea. more »»

‘Experts’ are creating a country of wimps

January 9, 2014 This nation was founded by men and women with the rock-solid characteristics of courage and self-reliance. more »»

Just Outside My Door

January 9, 2014 I give you the following information concerning the weather we have been getting in Sherman and the area around it, so you folks that are spending the winter in the south will know what you’re... more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman

January 9, 2014 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETINGS January 9: Jourdi Douglas Damcott, Bryson Henry Guillen, Dennis Rathburn, Tom Robson, Caroline Crump January 10: Jim Cochran III , Barbara Field, Roberta Freeman, Alexander... more »»

Medicare open enrollment is over… now what?

January 9, 2014 Chautauqua County seniors (and OFA HIICAP counselors) made it through the 2013 Medicare Open Enrollment perio. more »»

Just Outside My Door

January 3, 2014 Christmas Day is over for another year and as much as I enjoyed it, I’m thankful to get back on my regular schedule. more »»

Open the door to the New Year

January 2, 2014 Dear readers, As I take a short break from the stresses of the holiday season, I’m sharing a Golden Oldie, updated from way back in December 1990. more »»



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