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You know you’re from Chautauqua County when...

August 7, 2014 In recent years, there has been an explosion of humor-based lists defining groups of people who share common interests or backgrounds. more »»

The gift that still amazes

July 31, 2014 I’ve long been convinced that God gives each of us a special gift as part of our lifetime makeup. more »»

Memories of the old clothesline

July 24, 2014 Last week, I received an e-mail that opened a flood-gate of sweet memories. The message, from my sister-in-law, Vera, focused on that family staple of yesterday, the clothesline. more »»

A super version of the full moon

July 17, 2014 Last Saturday, July 12, Mother Nature treated us to a special show when she hung the “Super” moon in the night sky. I hope you had the chance to see it. more »»

Coming attractions on the July Calendar

July 10, 2014 Are you one of those folks who think July is all about the Fourth? Do you find yourself feeling the month goes downhill from there? The fireworks that painted the sky with their bursts of glory... more »»

So you wanna be a writer

July 3, 2014 An acquaintance approached me recently at a gathering and said, “I understand you’re a writer. I always wanted to write. So what do I have to do?” The question took me by surprise. more »»

Youngsters are taking over

June 28, 2014 As I cleared the table after supper, I listened to the evening news on television. The woman being interviewed had impressive credentials in the business world. more »»

Life’s best shock absorber

June 21, 2014 I’ve discovered aging is a mixed blessing. As the years have marched across my face, they’ve left wrinkles and sags in their path. more »»

Lessons learned at summer camp

June 12, 2014 Summertime is camping time for kids. And today’s youngsters have a dazzling menu to choose from. more »»

Protecting the supersensitive from literature

June 5, 2014 I used to think some concepts of how the world works were basic and unchangeable. These days, I’m not longer sure. more »»

A common malady, revisited

May 29, 2014 Dear fellow-Moseyers, While reviewing old files recently, I came across this gem from way back in 1991. Since I’m still plagued by the problem it addresses, I thought you might be, too. more »»

A lesson in gratitude

May 22, 2014 In my long-ago teen years, I often slipped into one of those woe-is-me mindsets. The world seemed bleak and the blues became my theme song. But my upbeat mother would have none of my doom and gloom. more »»

New words are flooding the language

May 15, 2014 As a wordsmith, I’ve spent years developing what I hoped was a large, workable vocabulary. I’ve even considered the contents of my trusty Webster’s Dictionary my stock in trade. more »»

Re-purposing for chronic savers

May 8, 2014 I have a longstanding problem with throwing things away. Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to old newspapers and general trash, I can heave them as quickly as the next perso. more »»

Words of wit and wisdom

May 1, 2014 A favorite section of my library is devoted to books of quotations. The volumes include both published collections and my own accumulated favorites, recorded in what I call my “Serendipity Books. more »»

Giving back to the community

April 24, 2014 This morning, I read in our local paper that our little southwest Florida town of Punta Gorda has a new fire chief, Marianne Taylo. more »»

Recalling my childhood fantasies

April 17, 2014 During my years growing up in Ft. Worth, Tex., I fell in love with the make-believe world of fairy tales. more »»

Blending the world’s finest instruments

April 10, 2014 Through the ages, mankind has developed some amazing musical instrument. more »»

Playing the waiting game

April 3, 2014 I got to the office five minutes before my appointment time. Then came a long 30 minutes in the waiting room. more »»

The confusing vocabulary of sports

March 27, 2014 I must confess that I’ve never been much of a sports fan. Oh, there were those brief, shining moments in history when Jim Kelly led the Buffalo Bills to the Super Bowl. more »»



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