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Just Outside My Door 04/04/13

April 10, 2013 Greetings folks. As I write this column on Good Friday and April will arrive on Monday, I have yet to see my snow droops, pussy willows nor even a blade of grass just outside my door. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 04/04/13

April 10, 2013 Happy birthday greetings March 28: Alexis Crane, Justin Kaleb Sexton March 28: Adam Chambers, Cyathia Griffith, Frand Pratt, Cindy Sears March 30: Timothy Bennett, Sarah Biekarck, Dawn Person... more »»

"The Archivist" chapter five - Council

April 10, 2013 “So these are the Guardians of Archiva,” Peregrin thought as he surveyed the twenty-five people gathered around a huge, stone oval table. He was seated on a low bench against the wall. more »»

There’s enough work to keep us all busy

April 3, 2013 According to the latest reports, those dismal unemployment figures we all saw splashed across the newspapers over the past several years are, at last, starting to drop. Folks are finally finding jobs. more »»

Share a smile, lift the gloom

March 27, 2013 I met “smiling” Jeff some years ago at a decidedly tense time in my life, yet the impression I took away of this stranger has never left me. Jeff is a pacemaker technician. more »»

What would their mothers say?

March 20, 2013 Do you recall those long-ago days when the word “civility” was understood in society? The meaning of the word, according to our friend, Mr. Webster, is politeness, courtesy. more »»

"The Archivist" chapter four - Creed

March 20, 2013 The hills along the northeastern portion of Archiva are more like cliffs, rising nearly vertical in places. more »»

The great transition, part two

March 13, 2013 Although we’re still surrounded by stacks of boxes and mountains of hampers, our family of three is finally into the last phase of the “Great Transitio. more »»

Just Outside My Door 03/07/13

March 13, 2013 We certainly had a “winter wonderland” just outside my door last week, and this week began the same way. Although it has been very cold, we had little snow accumulation. more »»

Life’s transitions come in all sizes

March 6, 2013 If life came with a road map, it would carry a prominent warning: be prepared for frequent, unexpected course changes. more »»

Just Outside My Door 02/28/13

March 6, 2013 Last Saturday our thermometer rose to 40 degrees by noon. It was a nice break after the frigid weather we had previously. We did, however, have a little sunshine on a couple of those cold days. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 02/28/13

March 6, 2013 Sherman Village Board of Trustees meets Wednesday, March 6 at 7 p.m., on Mill St. • • • • • Sherman Town Council meets Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 p.m., on Mill St. more »»

Small town talent

February 27, 2013 SHERMAN — Small towns are not always noted for having talented people living there, but it can be a pleasure to meet some very artistic and otherwise gifted people in just such town. more »»

New respect for the morning paper

February 27, 2013 Like millions of Americans across the country, my start-the-day ritual involves sipping a wake-up cup of coffee while browsing through the morning paper. more »»

Just Outside My Door 02/21/13

February 27, 2013 I sit at my computer ready to write my weekly column, but before I begin I look out the windows and admire the picture I see outside. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 02/21/13

February 27, 2013 SHERMAN — Those who haven’t noticed the list of Sherman Central School’s students on the honor and merit roles in the papers, check them out. more »»

"The Archivist" chapter three - Archiva

February 27, 2013 Carlin and the Waterman went ahead to make sure the way was clear. Mikkel led the rest along the river for a few miles. more »»

Still searching after 500 years

February 20, 2013 Florida is all a-buzz these days, preparing to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the visit of the first European to the lush peninsula. more »»

Just Outside My Door 02/14/13

February 20, 2013 This week began with our thermometer reading zero degrees. Nevertheless, as the sun came up, the temperature began to slowly rise, and by sunset it was 40 degrees. more »»

Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 02/14/13

February 20, 2013 Happy birthday greetings Feb. 14: Spencer Harris, Rachel Marie Wilson Feb. 15: Lois Brookmire, Danielle Maring, Matthew Miller, Tanner Ramsy, Jayda Sweatman, Wade Williams, Melissa Winton Feb. more »»



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