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Moseyin’ Along

March 26, 2015 Now that the calendar has turned to spring, we’re duty bound to focus on addressing the annual challenge known as “Spring Cleaning. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

March 19, 2015 My friend and I took a quiet table in my favorite breakfast place. It had been weeks since we had seen each other and we were eager for a quiet catch-up chat over our eggs. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

March 12, 2015 The sprawling up-scale dwellings that line the boating canals here in southwest Florida are the stuff of those slick color photos in Architectural Digest. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

March 5, 2015 While we’ve been doing other things, many of the necessities of life from our not-so-distant past have been slowly slipping into the land of “antiques in the making. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

February 28, 2015 The voice on the phone sobbed out, “Gramma, I’m in trouble. I need your help.” My mind raced. Could this be my responsible, dependable grandson, Ryan? No way! But I had to hear mor. more »»


February 28, 2015 By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian These are two questions in the past month. more »»

Speak-Easies of Summerdale and Sherman

February 28, 2015 By Jay T. Stratton Many folks don’t know where Summerdale is. It’s a small town between Mayville and Sherman where Lyons Rd., Nettle Hill Rd. and Summerdale Rd. all come together. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

February 19, 2015 If, like me, you’re “older than dirt,” you might just recall those long-ago days of Milton Berle’s popular TV show, the Texaco Star Theater. more »»


February 12, 2015 “Living alone in a little cabin on the Kansas prairie is an old man who helped to organize the Republican Party, who was a delegate to the Pittsburg convention where the party first took shape, [and... more »»

Moseyin’ Along

February 12, 2015 Last week, on a whim I bought a pack of Valentines. These were not the “grown up” Valentines, featuring lace and flowers and filled with poems of love. more »»

Thank your local weather forecaster

February 4, 2015 Day after day, we turn on our favorite radio or TV station seeking one important piece of information: What will the weather be today? And there, in front of a complex map of lines and arrows,... more »»

The newest additions to the dating game

January 22, 2015 When Adam and Eve took up their short-term residence in the Garden of Eden, there was no competition for attention. One man. One woman. An easy match. But, as we know, that was Paradise. more »»

My list of 2015 avoidances

January 15, 2015 It’s a January tradition for forward-looking folks to establish a list of resolutions aimed at self-improvement for the coming months. more »»

What would Franklin think?

December 18, 2014 Over 200 years ago, that innovative gent, Ben Franklin, came up with the idea for the first catalog. more »»

A scent-a-mental season

December 12, 2014 The holiday season is filled with a heartwarming collection of traditional sights and sounds. more »»

Remembering seasonal traditions

December 4, 2014 Last week, son Tim and I were part of a gathering of the Florida branch of the family. The Querrevelds… daughter Becky, son-in-law Randy and my priceless grandson and granddaughter, Ryan and Rachel.. more »»

The hardest state to find

November 25, 2014 Contentment, according to Mr. Webster, is the state of being satisfied. But here in the land of plenty, where “multiple-choice” rules our lives, contentment may be the most elusive state of all. more »»

Society’s fascination with fame

November 3, 2014 Do you remember those long-ago days when the world actually made sense? When us common folk looked up to individuals whose accomplishments we admired and whose actions we could applaud? There were... more »»

One thing at a time

October 9, 2014 The television reporter stood in front of a mangled pile of debris that had once been a shiny new Toyota. more »»

Two views of ‘Riding the Rails’

October 2, 2014 Our former neighbors and forever friends, Sally and Dick, recently returned from an out-of-the-ordinary adventure. They traveled up the east coast and back home by train. more »»



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